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RASB's tree experts offer the full range of arboricultural consultancy services. Supported by over 18 years’ experience in both private and public-sector roles, RASB's highly-skilled Certified Arborists are members of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Malaysian Society of Arborists (PArM)

Arborist Reports

RASB prepares Arborist Report submissions for Tree Conservation & Landscape Management (TCLM), Tree Felling Permit applications, and acts as a liaison with local authorities. The Arborist Report will include recommendations and mitigation proposals for each tree involved in the development.

RASB promotes the safety of people and property through standardised processes for assessing tree risks. The risk assessment results can provide tree owners with critical information needed to make informed decisions which can result in enhancing the benefits, health, and longevity of trees. 

Tree Risk Assessments
Tree Appraisals

RASB provides valuable tree economic valuation and appraisals for a variety of situations and needs, such as compensation basis for removal of municipal assets by local authorities. RASB employs the most suitable method for appraisals - THYER, CTLA and the municipal rate methods.

Tree Protection during Construction

RASB prepares comprehensive tree protection plans which will save construction projects valuable time and money. A tree protection plan will include established procedures and guidelines, as well as careful planning to avoid the expense and heartache of later repairing or removing trees affected by construction activities.

Transplanting & Mitigation

RASB helps clients relocate large, mature trees successfully using proper techniques and equipment. If you are considering moving a tree (of any size), RASB's experts can give you an honest assessment of the challenges and costs involved. We also offer specifications and other related mitigations that can arise from the process.

Arboriculture Supervision

RASB offers timely documented supervision services that meet the requirements of local planning authorities, enabling them to discharge relevant conditions on completion. The degree of supervision will be determined by a site’s specific requirements with some sites needing no supervision at all while others may require regular monitoring.

RASB Tree Safety 1.jpg
Business Growth
Tree Inventory & Tree Survey

RASB strives to give you the tools necessary to successfully manage your trees / urban forest, educate and respond to public complaints, and plan for the future maintenance. A Tree Inventory System (TRIS) provides a complete tree inventory and work tracking system,  maintains accurate records of trees, work schedules, work requests, and completed work activities. 

Advanced Assessments

RASB's tree risk assessments can be conducted at various levels depending on a client's needs, available resources, or guided by the goals of the assessment. An Advanced (or Level 3) Assessment provides detailed information about specific tree parts, defects, targets, or site conditions.

Rope Access for Trees

RASB offers rope access solutions for felling or pruning of trees. Due to its unique location or other surrounding factors, some trees may not be accessible by sky lifts or cranes. Our professional and qualified tree climbers will utilise the latest methods and equipment to make sure that work is carried out safely and efficiently to meet client deadlines and expectations, without compromising on safety and quality. 

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RASB is committed to enhancing 'tree' knowledge and skills among the stakeholders and practitioners of the industry, as well as creating greater awareness on trees among the general public. We regularly organise arboriculture conferences, seminars and workshops for local authorities and contractors. All programmes follow the best practices of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Training Programme
Community & Society

As industry leaders, RASB feels that accurate information on trees is crucial to all stakeholders and the general public. As the members of Malaysia Society of Arborist (PArM), RASB works with municipalities and like-minded individuals/organisations educating and disseminating information on the importance of trees and how to properly manage and maintain them.

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